Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Too Many Elephants

This last horrible and senseless murder of innocent civilians in Boston is just more evidence of a world view that has come to fruition. For decades now we have seen what a society looks like that has lost their moral compass, kicked the God of the Bible out of government, schools, and even from even being mentioned in public settings. We live in a culture of death. Our government is controlled by a party of death and its counter party embraces limited death. Our entertainment industries makes a good portion of their living propagating death, destruction, violence, and a perversity of what is good and moral.

We are not shocked at the approximate 54,000,000 infants that have been murdered behind closed medical doors in this country. In fact we look at those who are shocked as extremist! Genocide has already taken place in America that rivals the former Soviet Union and the current Chinese government. Our country already has doubled the amount of people killed under the former Socialist government of Nazi Germany.

 We are outraged, and should be outraged, when we witness senseless murders in the recent killings at Newtown and Boston. What should we expect from several generations who have been anesthetized towards the death of another human being? Generations who have been fed an increasing diet through media and music of a distorted and unrealistic worldview.

 The big elephant in the room is that, man, without the regeneration of God’s Holy Spirit is not evolving into a good and superior being.  Evil is real and truth is absolute. Guns, bombs, swords, sticks, clubs, bats, knives and whatever else people may use to hurt others are not the issue. Those things are inanimate objects incapable of doing harm unless they are used by someone who is evil. The real issue is the evil that resides in the human heart. There is no law that can overcome it, but there is a God who can transform it.
Here's the audio from my last sermon on mentoring: Every Timothy Needs A Paul. Tell me what you think.