Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Fresh Look at Revelation
I invite you to join me for a conversation/teaching on the Book of Revelation Monday - Friday at 9:05 PM (Central Time) on WROL AM950, Boston Ma. You may listen by going to the link below, or download the IHeart Radio app on your smart phone.


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  1. The URL above takes me to what appears to be a general page of the WROL radio station. I see no link to listen to this teaching and would like to know how.
    I find it very ironic that I just decided to start studying Revelations and found you were doing so via a read of your letter to the Senator about Soaring in the Gaited horse industry. Thank you for sending that but moreso, for sharing it.
    Will you by chance be checking in on the NWHA show in Shelbyville this coming week? They are what TWHBEA could be if not for the love of money.
    Rhonda Rae Williams